If you do your laundry with us,
all your problems will be solved!

Our laundry

Puscho Kft has been providing laundry services to catering units for more than 15 years.

From the very beginning, it was an important aspect of the management and the employees to provide a complete, high-quality and stable service to our clients, with which we can play a decisive market role. Like all managers, we had plans and ideas for how the laundry could become the market leader, with a that-time washing capacity of 3,000 kg per day.

As they say, we also had to go through the “heavy start” path in order to be able to say today that our dreams will slowly come true, over time.

Our capacity has been increased to 18,000 kg per day, the entire handling of which is solved with the globally recognized Kannegiesser and Primus machines.


Our machines

When choosing an additive supplier for cleaning textiles, an important consideration for us was primarily that their products have an environmentally friendly rating and that their effectiveness produces a visible quality. It was also a requirement on our part that the service life of the textile should not be reduced despite the constant stress. Ecolab Global products have proven to be the most suitable for our expectations, which are “Ecolabel-RAL” certified.

We try to keep up with innovation, take advantage of and apply all its possibilities in the field of service we provide, but for quality work and the performance of certain tasks, a workflow performed by human hands is essential.

We believe and always keep in mind that quantity must not come at the expense of quality! That is why over the past 15 years – and we can still – we have been able to meet individual requests that a fully automated plant is not capable of.

We consider it essential to be associated with suppliers who are also dedicated and humble in their duties, work and are humble for the work they do. Respect for work is one of our most fundamental and important guiding principles in today’s running world.


A visit to the laundry

“Our visit to the laundry last autumn was a memorable day in our first year. Thank you for your hospitality, for all the information and for the opportunity to try out the work process. Thank you for the long-lasting experience!”

Ilona Kántor and the Green Island

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