Transport concrete production

Our concrete plant

Puscho Ltd. was founded in 1994. Our primary field of activity is the production, transportation and pumping of ready-mixed concrete. We provide smooth service to our customers with two one-cubic-meter computer-controlled concrete mixers. The size of our machine park makes it possible to deliver larger quantities of ready-mixed concrete and bulk goods at the same time. With our custom-built concrete pumps, we can also prevail in work areas inaccessible to others. We supply raw materials with our own semitrailer trucks.

The concrete site is KTI certified. A performance declaration is issued for concrete classes.


It is very important
for Puscho Kft to:

  • assist its clients with appropriate professional advice,
  • be able to meet the demands of customers with its services,
  • make competitive quotes,
  • provide reliable and accurate delivery,
  • keep in touch with its customers in person and by phone.

Our goal is to see our company as a fair and reliable partner by our clients and contracted suppliers.


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