Puscho Kft - Laundry

Your worries will be solved if we make the washing for you.

In March 2005 we started a company profile that is complitelly different from our previous activity so far. It has a strong conaction to the hotel industry. We have opened a large laundry.

Our quality service will put an and to inefficient and costly household washers and dryers, and will be relics of the past. We know from day one Household and Commercial Laundry Service has a brought spectrum, not only quality of wash, drying, folding, packaging and delivery services to our respected clients. In the compilation of our machinery (Primus and Kannegiesser) and our choice of detergent (Diversey), we have proceeded carefully what our strong increase of partners and the smooth cooperation with them, would be an evidence.

Because of the last seven years we can say that we were able grow up our working laundry and increase the number of jobs, such as washing, drying and ironing of textiles for times.

To provide a better service for Household and Commercial Laundry Services we expected our facility and improved our quality with our dedicated staff and work force .



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